My Story


I grew up in Dallas, Texas. I graduated from Highland Park High School and got my Bachelor of Arts from Stephen F. Austin State University. I followed my father, Bert Shipp (WFAA-TV), into the news business and joined him at WFAA in 1995. I was at KDFW (Channel 4) before that, and have been an investigative reporter in Dallas since 1991. When I retired from WFAA in December of 2017, I left the reporting business as a veteran with more than 25 years experience covering issues and personalities in North Texas. Few, if any other reporters, have had more success in exposing corruption, mismanagement, waste, fraud, and abuse. I have made more alliances and helped more people achieve justice than perhaps any reporter in this city. Of course, I have also probably made more enemies too. I have never been afraid to step on the toes of powerful politicians and abusive corporations. D Magazine once called me a "bully" after my relentless attempt to expose the inept and abusive practices of yet another short-lived DISD Superintendent. But that same D Magazine article started off by saying... "Here's the deal with Brett Shipp, everybody likes him."

No, not everybody likes me. The crooks, the con-men, the people who abuse power. They run from me.

But to this day I remain one of the most highly decorated local television reporters in the country. I've been awarded three Peabodys, two Columbia DuPont Silver Batons, and one Gold Baton (the "Holy Grail" of broadcast television awards). I have also won multiple Edward R. Murrow Awards, Emmys, IRE Investigative Awards, and have twice been a Finalist of the Harvard University Goldsmith Prize. In 2011 and 2012, I was named one of's Top Ten Most Powerful People in Dallas. 

After leaving WFAA and making a brief run for Congress, I immediately began fielding requests from citizens to get back into the media world. Not back into the news business, but into the business of advocating on behalf of those hoping to get their stories told, those seeking justice or public office, those who need publicity or  help getting a new product coveted media exposure. 

So that's my new, yet familiar calling: Brett Shipp Media. I realize there are many ways to tell a story beyond the ten o'clock news, radio, or the local newspaper. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube–the list goes on and on. There's a new universe of media platforms starved for content. From my experience, there is no shortage of compelling stories of injustice, outrage, or even success.

My job is to investigate, advocate, and help communicate your story, not in a court of law, but in the court of public opinion. 

If you need help getting your message out to the media, or need the weight of one of the most skilled journalists in the country on your side, contact me and let's investigate the possibilities. 

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