kinder prison

A Palestinian family legally seeking asylum in the US is forcibly placed in a Texas prison retrofitted as a family detention center.


PASTOR ED YOUNG'S $8 MILLION PRivate  JET for "vital ministry affairs"

A follow up to the original story investigating the personal use of Fellowship Church of Grapevine's $8 Million private jet. 


robert tilton 10 years later

A follow-up on fallen from grace televangelist, Robert Tilton, 10 years after his dishonest financial practices were revealed to the public.


texans fight for mexican orphan

Larry and Nancy Cox of Los Fresnos, TX fight with the US government to regain custody of their adopted, special needs daughter.


north texas surgeon faces lawsuits

Stephen Courtney, a North Texas spinal surgeon, faces multiple lawsuits after his patients endure multiple health complications and death.