Attack On Teacher Reflects Lack Of Security At DISD

A teacher is attacked on camera at DISD’s Skyline High School. Brett Shipp Media was retained by parents and teachers to push out the video and promote the message, a lack of campus security means dangers for teachers and students. The story and video aired on most every television outlet in the DFW market.

Hamilton Wingo Law Firm gets results on WFAA-TV

A tragic motorcycle accident was almost labeled as an accident until the Hamilton Wingo law firm got involved. The story of how they turned things around for their client is told on WFAA-TV after Brett Shipp Media becomes involved in brokering the media coverage the firm needed to push their story out into the public. Brett Shipp Media gets results.

Getting Results

My goal is to keep my audience fully informed on matters of local importance via original content, blog material, visual productions, marketing strategies or other content provided by other credible news sources. Here you will find examples of Brett Shipp Media products and strategies that resulted in local and national news stories, that have benefited my clients and or were instrumental in bringing about justice. That's my goal - to help right wrongs, highlight injustice, shine the spotlight in the dark corners of inequity and bring about solutions for those who find it hard to get issues resolved or ideas marketed on their own.