My job is to investigate, advocate, and HELP communicate your story;

not in a court of law, but in the court of public opinion.  


For 25 years I have been recognized as one the top investigative reporters in the country. My job and my journalistic duty has been to help citizens and businesses get justice, equity, publicity and in some cases, revenge. My specialty is digging, researching, compiling and digesting information, oftentimes complex in nature.
The result of my many investigations has ranged from public apologies to reformation of laws to criminal convictions and incarcerations. Want to avoid costly litigation or need someone to dig and help expose the truth? That's what I did daily for 25 years in North Texas. Before that I covered politics in Oklahoma where one of my investigations led to the indictment of a sitting Governor. Now I'm ready to go to work for you and help you get justice, get your story told and most importantly, WIN.


Over the course of my 35-year journalism career I have frequently been accused of being too much of an advocate. But those doing the complaining were generally in the businesses of gaming the system or government officials who were callously misapplying the law. With the steady erosion of investigative reporting in this country, there are fewer public advocates. That's where I come in. Who better to have on your side when you're under attack, in a fight or feel the deck is stacked against you? At City Hall. At the State Capitol. At your business, the courthouse or in the court of public opinion. Let me be your advocate, your defender and help you get justice or your story told.


Clear. Concise. Compelling. Engaging. Market the message. Sell the sizzle. Have a story, a client or a candidate who needs a boost? Need an idea sold? Company or personality in CRISIS? Let ME handle the media. Don't have the connections or a powerful voice to amplify your position or product? Let Brett Shipp Media be that marketing vehicle. I have access to all of the major local and national news outlets and a network of influential allies to make sure that your voice is heard. I've been covering news in North Texas for 25 years and have keys to the halls of power.